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Year one on the homestead

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Well it’s been a year (plus 4 days) and we are looking back on what we have accomplished since we took possession of this property. It’s easy to get caught up in all we have yet to start or complete but the reality is that this property is a ‘lifer’ as I like to call it. The project list will never be complete, and honestly that puts a smile on my face, knowing we will be learning and working it for years to come.

We focused on animals and getting our livestock herds established.

We started some light renovations inside the old farmhouse that are mainly cosmetic, the heavy construction will have to wait until winter lets go and the ground thaws.

We processed our own meat animals from start to finish in the freezer by doing 52 broiler chickens and three pigs. While I am thankful to have full freezers, I’m starting to really miss beef.

We learned the ins and outs of buying hay, types of hay and the harsh reality of buyer beware in a hay shortage year.

We improved on and rebuilt almost everything a few times before it was right! Yet as the livestock grows and the seasons change we are needing to still improve and change the shelters and implement handling systems.

We learned that gardening is not our strongest skill, yet we did have some humble harvest of potatoes, peas and kale. We’ve been researching and planning for our next opportunity to try to get a self sufficient family food garden.

We are now looking forward to our second year, and still learning new things, as we approach lambing, farrowing, hatching and rotational grazing seasons! the farm is nearing its first full circle and we roll into 2019 with a plan to make the cycle regenerative and abundant.

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