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Wildfibre Sheepskins


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Traditionally brain tanned sheepskins are available throughout the year in limited quantities. Sheepskins are offered to Deposit Holders First and if unclaimed are available in the shop.

All sheepskins are tanned using traditional methods and organically, never with the use of synthetics or chemicals. all waste water produced is environmentally friendly and safe for discharge on my own property / septic system. Tanning of all pieces is done by hand and the process takes about 14 days, however some weather conditions will delay certain steps such as smoking. I strive to ensure that all deposit holders are kept up to date on current pieces so they can claim something that they love right away, or I can specifically choose a type to start working on if I know that a deposit holder is looking for something special.

Hand tanned sheepskins are not like those you can get from big box stores or commercial tanneries. the leather will not be bright white, it will have some minor imperfections and the color wont be even. some areas of the skin may contour slightly and will have a smoke smell as these are all smoked to set the tan making it permanent. These have all been harvested from a living being that lived outdoors, on dirt and grass, while I do my best to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned, I am sometimes unable to removed each seed that may be hiding in the wool. So, If your looking for pristine, uniform, perfect hides, this is not a good fit for you. Each hide is as unique as the life it came from and I work each one with pride and integrity to offer you something special that you can cherish for decades with proper care.


Currently we have some Finn Sheepskins, in white, cream, brown & black in approximately 2" wool length making them a great all purpose sheepskin suitable in a variety of uses. they average 28" wide and 46" Long making them great chair covers.


2023 we will have some additional commercial breed sheepskins available, more Icelandic and local Gotland breeds. Icelandic's are a primitive breed that can grow long curly locks upwards of 12" in length creating a very dramatic sheepskin perfect for displaying. Gotland's are also a longer wool producer with softer locks and more structured ringlet texture.

Deposit holders have first chance to claim any completed sheepskins before they are available to the public. Every deposit holder is added to the claims list in the order that deposits are made. if a deposit holder passes on the available skin, the skin is then offered to the next deposit holder on the list. Deposit amounts are deducted from the total cost of the sheepskin and shipping is included within North America. Shipping is Expedited through Canada Post, requires signature and includes actual value in insurance along with tracking. Total costs are determined by size, type and quality of the finished sheepskin and range from $275-$550CAD.

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