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Reducing Consumerism & Waste

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Reducing Consumerism

everything today seems to be made disposable. Think about this… Every single piece of plastic ever made, still exists somewhere. and clothing is now also a huge polluter with the fast fashion generation. Here are the things I do or consider when I need to purchase things in order to not only save a lot of money, but also do what I can as a single person to reduce needless consumerism.

  1. Buy used. I usually do a quick search of walmart or amazon to get a retail price and then will compare with the same items on or other online sale groups, and better yet, check the local thrift stores!

  2. How is this made? So often I am finding that things like Taco Seasoning is super easy to blend up myself and I already have the needed spices. a quick Pinterest search will tell you multiple options for making what you want or need.

  3. NEW or OLD? is new actually better? will it break or need to be replaced in a year? Recently I purchased a real antique sewing machine, with a treadle and all… turns out, its over 140 years old! It still works… I cant think of anything made today that lasts 140 years. Except pollution… that will last at least that long.

  4. Start Composting. Turn it into dirt or if you have chickens, let them eat it!

  5. Recycle cardboard and plastics. Its free to toss them in the correct bins.

  6. Always sort out bottles and cans for refund even if you can’t take them in yourself, there is someone in need that will happily take them off your hands.

  7. Make a list of things your wanting or needing for the house or kids, and bring it with you to all the thrift stores in town. I have scored some amazing items that I now use every day and wear each day from the thrift stores. In fact our hunting camo jackets that retail over $100 I got for under $20 each at a Value Village…

I am sure there are more things and I will update this post if I think of any… or leave your ideas and comments to keep the list growing.

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