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One thing a day

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Just one intentional thing each day is all it takes to transform your life.

Here is a running list of what I have been doing this past year where i began as a renter in an urban setting. The back ground story is we were a typical family, husband worked away in the oilfield and I worked full time as administration with various companies locally. Our youngest was in daycare full time and our teenager was at school and ‘hanging out’. With sirens blaring 24/7 and the constant bombardment of advertising and society expectations we worked hard and kept up. In keeping up, we never saw our kids, we barely saw each other… What exactly are we keeping up with? Lets change this!

Once you have implemented cutting the cost of your living you can really start changing your life. We are just one year in and already in a position to purchase an acreage of our own, even with just one income! I have been home full time without a steady income for this entire 2017 year, but the savings in cutting our costs of living is equal to what I would have been bringing in when I was working full time. We moved this past summer and took our big city rent of $1700 + utilities ($2400 total) per month! to $1050 + electricity ($1200 total) per month. That change alone cut our housing costs in HALF! We are now living in a very rural area of the Alberta foothills of the rocky mountain range, on 40 acres, and minutes away from crown land and spectacular scenery.

#1. Decrease the cost of living

Cut the cable (you really only need internet)Find a cheaper place to rent (so you can save to buy a home)Buy in bulk (like shopping at Costco & Bulk Barn)Buy new tires at costco (the rebate pays your membership and they’re lowest cost including installation. may not apply to all tire brands*)

Make your own food

Learn how to cut hair (its easier than you think!)

Trade in your vehicle for something with lower payments

Shop thrift stores first (before buying new)

#2 Make Your Own

So many things you can make yourself, from reusable make up remover pads and your own make up remover, to grinding your own meat. It all adds up! Here are all the things I no longer purchase pre-made.

make up remover – use this recipe instead and buy ingredients at Dollar Treecotton pads – follow this tutorial here

Salad Dressing – I buy dry ranch mix at costco and mix up a small jar at a timeLiquid Body Wash – bar soap is way cheaper. Knit a cover so it still lathersKitchen Cloths – Knitted cloths are THE BEST. here is a free pattern for a classic cloth

Spaghetti Sauce – bulk produce I canned and now use to make my own.

Chicken Broth – pre-roasted chicken carcasses and water is all you need.

Ground Beef – grind your own with large cuts from costco

Ground Pork – grind your own with large cuts from costco

Cut Steaks – cut your own with large cuts from costco

Roasted Chicken – I buy a bag of three whole chickens for $22 at Costco. $7.33 each!! then make soup / broth with the carcass for just about free.

Soups – so easy, here are some ideas

Dog Treats – dehydrated meat parts are perfect dog treats!

More Ideas…Canning – storing food will save you so much in the long run, read more…Kombutcha – Seriously amazing and fun to make. Get started brewing Kombutcha

Apple Juice – This summer I picked crab apples for free and made 12 large jars of juice that I canned.

Granola – ready in 30 minutes with these recipes

Groceries $150/week for a Family of 4 and I don’t clip ANY coupons!

Turkeys – The walmart turkeys will go far for a family. multiple meals, soup, gravy, stock, stew… all from one bird, with the largest just $20.

Steak – I buy the whole eye of round at Costco for about $25 and get 10 steaks, a small roast and grind the rest into about 1 pound of ground beef.

Pork Chops – I buy the large pork loin for about $18 at costco and get 15 – 20 chops, one roast and grind about 2 pounds of ground pork

Spices – I buy at bulk barn or costco. I also make my own blends you can find on pinterest!

Bread – Costco is half the price per loaf than walmart and carries organic non GMO!

Getting Healthy

replace plastic containers used for re heating with glass, Like this 18 piece set📷

cut out processed foods (make your own, its cheaper!)

pack a lunch / snack to take with you in the car (no fast food)

check out The fitness marshall on youtube for some really good dance cardio that is actually fun and my son loves to do with me.

make your own cleaners with just water, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and a drop of blue dawn dish soap. will even take out vomit stink and blood stains from fabric and can also clean windows!

Continued with next post: Reducing Consumerism & Waste

Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means I will receive a small portion of any purchase you make. Your cost is not affected in any way and I use the commission to keep this site running. Thank you for your support.

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