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Wildfibre Organic Tannery TM

What is a Traditional Organic Tannery?

We believe in using the whole animal and brain tanning using brain matter to tan all hides. while there are many ways to tan any hide, we only brain tan and have some amazing animal based, food grade brain substitute solutions that are used when the brain is not available. Wildfibre Organic tannery uses traditional and modern methods to process all hides and is run by a few passionate women, This means that volume is not the priority over quality. We work each hide by hand using traditional true tanning methods where the hides are smoked creating a permanent tanned piece you can cherish for decades with proper care.

I started tanning hides when the experience of a beloved animal on the farm passed. I could not bring myself to throw any part of them away as trash. In most cases I have raised each one of these animals and cared for them every day of their lives. I wanted their entire life and being to have purpose and not to be wasted. Tanning is a way that each life continues to provide even after death and having the opportunity to work these pieces brings me great connection to the circle of life.

Recently I opened a traditional brain tanning mentorship program and have expanded services with these mentorship program students. Each traditionally tanned sheepskin is worked by hand over a 10-14 day period, on a few different properties located in Alberta, Canada. Currently we have a variety of sheepskins that we work with as I raise Icelandic, & cross breed sheep. In addition we work with local producers to bring you a variety of other breeds and wool type sheepskins. Your sheepskin deposits go directly to the producer to keep this fair trade and sustainable partnership within the greater community. - Cher



Custom Tanning services is available on a case by case basis. Please download and review the Animal Hide Handling Guidelines document to ensure your hide will be suitable for tanning. 

Only traditional natural tanning methods are used. Brain tanning is most common and creates a water repellent and washable product that does not harm the environment in the processing or waste water systems. all waste water is used within a diverse composting system on the property.

Traditionally tanned hides are smoked to set the tan and will have a slight smoke smell that will dissipate over time. Each hide is hand crafted and worked over multiple weeks and will have some imperfections that will not compromise the integrity but add character as a one of a kind statement piece you can be proud of.

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