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Educational Events

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

from tanning demonstrations, full instruction workshops to whole animal use weekends including slaughter, skinning, basic butchering and a whole lot more.

You can expect a casual, inclusive and non judgmental environment where age, experience, gender and world views are not restricted in any way. Sharing knowledge and important skills to give others the confidence to succeed on their own is my passion.

To foster connection in communities where there are those keen to learn something old in a new way and start their interest in getting back to basics. Participants often have a renewed interest in enjoying the outdoors and connecting to nature wherever they are. Connection to not only our food but also the land can teach us so much about ourselves if we share and learn from each other.

Educational Services and Events offered:

Full Tanning Instruction Weekends Full Whole Animal Use Instruction Weekends

Tallow & Offal Use Workshops Traditional Tanning Demonstrations

Youth / School Programs

See our Current Events page for all currently scheduled educational opportunities. If there is an educational event you would like to schedule or collaborate on please request to host a workshop online or send an email

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