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DIY Sheepskin Tanning

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

If you've been wanting to learn how to naturally tan a sheepskin, rabbit skin or any other hair on hide, without guessing and risking a ruined hide; the online version of the Traditional Tanning workshop is now available online as an instant download.

The 11 page step by step instructions are in printable PDF format and include full color images, along with access to a personal support & members only area to ask questions directly to myself or other tanning course participants that will set you up for success in your journey learning this ancient skill-craft.

I started tanning when i could not bring myself to waste any part of the animals I took care of daily raising them since they were born here on the farm. I quickly realized there was a gap in finding tanning support. There are many ways to achieve the same results, each having their own pros and cons, and you will also find your own way of doing things that works for your set up, individual strength level, and climate. This course will guide you to help develop a basic knowledge on what to look for through the process and what is normal, but should you have some specific questions about your hide or tools or just needing reassurance, the members only area is a great way to shoot me a message directly on my cell. I want you to succeed! Download the Wildfibre Tanning Method Here

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