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Young People at a Workshop

Prairie Rose Sustainable Skills Inc.
Empowerment Scholarship

Win free tickets to all classes for one year | Nominations deadline Sept 30th 2023


Empowerment Scholarship Nomination Requirements

Nominate someone you know or yourself that deeply deserves the opportunity of taking all the Prairie Rose Sustainable Skills Inc. Classes throughout the year.
*excluding Conservation & Hunting Education Courses

Share with us why this person should win and how they will put their newly acquired skills to use, and the impact this will have on their life.

All nomination stories submitted, will be shared (with names omitted) for anyone to vote for on social media (Facebook, Instagram & TikTok). The nomination story with the most votes will win the Empowerment Scholarship. 

Nomination submission deadline is Sept 15, 2023.
Voting Deadline Sept 30, 2023.


Prairie Rose Sustainable Skills Inc. Empowerment Scholarship
Nomination Submission

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Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch with you soon!

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