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Tanning Services

Wildfibre Organic Tannery TM is a full service tannery located in Alberta, Canada, offering custom tanning using traditional brain tanning methods on all types of hides and furs. We only use organic / food grade materials in our tannery and during the tanning process. We produce true tanned leathers by hand, that are smoked, water resistant and washable with proper care.

Please see below for all tanning services, pricing and to request a custom quote.

If you are a producer that would like to become a supplier of hides,

please review our Alberta Fair Trade Hide Buying Program


Small Furs

All small animals up to a Coyote fall in this category and range from $40 - $225


Large Hair-On

From Deer - Beef, these hair on rugs average $36 / sqft and have a 3 installment payment plan.


Finished Hides & furs

Retail selection of finished hides, and wild furs available for purchase to the public.


Large Furs

All small animals over a Coyote in size, such as wolf, bear etc. starting at $40/sqft



All hides can be finished as leather (hair off) and average $36 / sqft

Available in whole hides only.


DIY Leather and Fur Kits

Make your own leather and fur items with our DIY kits. Choose your pattern and materials.



All types of sheep can be tanned and range in price from $275-$550 depending on size & wool length.



Goat, sheep, deer, elk, moose, beef & bison can all be processed as rawhide and start at $18/sqft


Mentorship & Education

Learn how to brain tan by registering for an online course or in person workshop / mentorship.

Get a Quote

Request custom tanning services on your hide. Tell us as much as you can about the type of hide, how you wish for it to be finished (hair on, leather, rawhide etc) and please include details on when the hide was harvested, how it was harvested, along with how it has been preserved thus far.

Thanks for submitting!

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