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Tanning Powder

Tanning Powder

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Wildfiber Tannery's own custom blend of, Non GMO animal based Lecithin and Tallow used in place of fresh animal brains and is a shelf stable option for all traditional tanning methods. Introduction of oils and fats into your tanning emulstion will create softer leathers, however the ratios needed can be challenging and possibility of damaging the leather is high if not mixed properly. This premix powder takes the guess work out of an advanced method of creating beautiful tanned furs and hide leathers.


Use in place of brain matter. Mix well with warm water until desired consistencey. Work solution into skin to penetrate fully.


Use in additon to Brain Matter. Mix a table spoon amount into your brain emulsion, add warm water if needed and mix thoroughly to achieve desired consistency.


Each 1/2 lb (226g) package will make aproximately 1.5 - 2L of liquid tanning emultion depending on desired consistency. each type of hide will benefit from a different consistency, as an example; small animals with thin skin will only require a thin emultion where as larger / thicker will require a thicker more concentrated solution to penetrate entirely. the included information sheet has some very helpful recipes for specific hides and handy calculations you can use.


This product is intended to be used in conjuction with the Wildfibre Traditional Tanning Guide.


Pre-Order Details: This item will be available for shipping May 15th 2022. Pre Order Sale price in effect until May 10, 2022

Please get in touch for bulk order inquiries.

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