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Body Bar Soap Socks

I’ve stopped buying liquid body wash. Back to the old days of bar soap for this family!

We don’t have garbage service out this far, and plastic bottles are making the trash pile up faster than anything else. The thought of all those plastic bottles being manufactured and thrown away by the world population sickens me. Each and every piece of plastic made, still exists on this planet. Not to mention the chemicals in it and the plastic ‘beads’ that are in many that are not doing anything positive for you or anything else.

So every person gets their own bar of soap (cause sharing bar soap is gross in my opinion) and to tell the difference between them, I have been knitting up these quick and totally fantastic Body Bar Soap Socks!

chevron soap socks

I’ve used wool roving felting yarn and the soaps lather up so nicely in them and they are soft and squishy to wash with. the wool naturally repels mold but I recommend allowing the soap to dry between uses or at least not sitting submerged in water.

If you would like to also make the switch and make up these for your family please download the Body Bar Soap Sock pattern for free. There are two lace panel designs to choose from that are included in the pattern.

Enjoy & happy washing the old fashioned way!

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