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Wildfibre Organic Tannery TM Mentorship Program

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Mentorship program - Traditionally tanning all types of hides by hand without chemicals, brain tanning and alternatives. You will work directly with and assist Cher Reynen with Wildfibre Organic Tannery TM, on a variety of hides. Cher will guide you and explain all techniques and processes used in working each of these hides. There will be different preparation methods used and techniques so you gain valuable knowledge on how to deal with challenging conditions and situations while on your own. There are no fixed dates for working these hides. We will be in direct contact via text to coordinate dates and times that work for you and myself. I will email you my contact information. The hide tanning mentorship program runs for 3 months from the start date of your choosing. Choose from flexible payment options. We eagerly accept trade and barter for this program as well. if you have hides to donate or other goods / services equal to the value of the program, please get in touch with us to discuss. ** I reserve the right to refuse to work with and cancel any mentoring without refund to anyone that is threatening, unsafe, harassing, rude or offensive.

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Wildfibre Tannery Mentorship


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