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Wildfibre Traditional Hide Tanning Course

  • 365Days
  • 45Steps


Traditional tanning methods can vary depending on the hide your working on and wanting in the end, but the basic steps are the same... This complete online tanning course includes all web based versions of all Wildfibre Organic Tannery workshops at a retail value of over $1,100.00 Types of Traditional Tanning Small Animal Furs - can have a different method of tanning than that of completing larger hides such as deer. This method is more often used in small to medium sized furs and hides where the fibre is soft to touch. Large Hair-On - this is when furs and hides are tanned with the fur or hair remaining on on side and soft smooth leather on the other side. This method is used for throws, rugs and winter garments etc. Rawhide - is not actually tanned at all, this method of hide preparation can be used when making drums or hard knife sheaths, lacing etc. or when needing to start and preserve a hide prior to the tanning process. Finished Rawhide can be used as a strong crafting material or then tanned into soft buckskin leather. Buckskin Leather - Is a hairless on both sides, leather only tanning method. That requires the most intensive process but employs methods learned in the above hair on and rawhide instruction. This tanning method is usually reserved for the largest hides such as elk, moose, beef and bison or where the hair is coarse and undesirable to feel.

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